Match the Colour - your personal jeweller

Lee's dress and crystal jewellery match

Natasha's pink and blue skirt and earrings match

Teal dress and earrings and necklace match

Natasha's wedding dress and brown and gold earrings match

Rheanna's red and mint scarf and brooch match

These photos show some examples of commission pieces where I have had a photo of an outfit or fabric as a starting point to match stones and designs to. They are always really helpful. Having an idea of colours means I can really get a good feel for which stones to use and how smart or casual the piece needs to be. 

I usually have at least a few beads that already match most colours... as you can imagine, I have collected a lot of beads and stones over the years. Occasionally I will come across a colour tone I can't match but using a lighter version and darker version of the hue usually does the trick. 

I have a few customers who often ask for jewellery to match special outfits, they call me their personal jeweller which always makes me smile. It's lovely to be able to provide such a personal service for people. I really enjoy seeing the delight on their faces when they see their new unique jewellery to wear for a special occasion, knowing that it is one of a kind and that no one else will have the same pieces.

Contact me if you would like something special made just for you.

Natasha x

Natasha Fraser Handcrafted Jewellery


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