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It's Great to be Eight - Baptism Gifts

You are bursting with pride and happiness, your eight year old daughter, niece, or granddaughter has just been baptised in her beautiful white dress that your grandmother made all those years ago for you. As her father lifts her up out of the water her face is beaming as she searches the crowd of family and friends for your face. You are so pleased she has chosen to take this step to commit to choose from now on to follow God and do the best she can in life to help others. Later on you give her a hug, her hair is still wet and she is still smiling. You hand her a carefully hand wrapped package that you hope will remind her of this day and how she feels in this moment. Olivia's pearl and heart necklace Last year a few of my friend's granddaughters, niece, and grandson turned eight and they requested special jewellery pieces to give as gifts to mark the occasion of their baptisms.   Why is it a special occasion? Baptism shows our willingnes

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