Colourful Commissions from 2015

Whilst you eagerly await the pictures and write up about the Totton and Eling Art Festival last weekend, I thought I would treat you to some commissions I made last year that haven't yet made it to the blog. It was definitely a year for colour, here are some of my favourites:

A good few of these bracelets are made with stones from my trip to the amazing Fossil Beach gemstone shop in Weymouth, I just love the colours. Of course, the turquoise diamonds with blue crazy lace agate are my favourite stones. I used my special planished silver toggle clasps on all of them. For the turquoise bracelet in the bottom right, I made silver chainmaille links using individual loops; it gives extra detail to the piece whilst remaining light and comfortable to wear. 

These necklaces and bracelet were all ordered as gifts for special occasions, I really enjoyed making each of these more delicate designs. 

For the top pearl I hand shaped the whole silver swirl spiral to encase the pearl, I had to be very calm and careful :-) just one bend too tight and it would have put a pointed bend in the wire which is not what you want for a graceful spiral. 

The turquoise pieces were hard to part with, it just goes without saying. I really love them and wanted some for myself, they looked even more beautiful than the picture I had in my head whilst making them. I love that feeling! 

And the single pearl necklace on gold was also a little tricky to make. I had to drill a larger hole in the pearl for it to fit on the chain. As freshwater pearls only have nacre on the outside they are prone to chipping when you drill them. I had a few spare on standby just in case but it worked out well and the necklace looked understated and elegant. 

The colour of these knotted necklaces are amazing, the stones are from the Fossil Beach shop in Weymouth which we travelled to especially to buy some new colours and shapes. These four beauties were all for the same customer who loves long knotted necklaces and colour. 

All in all, I had the chance to make some really fun and lovely pieces, all thanks to you lovely people who like to request something unique. 

If you love to wear custom designed jewellery and have some ideas, contact me to find out more... 

Natasha x

Natasha Fraser Handcrafted Jewellery


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