Within the jewelry box

Last year for my sister's birthday I decided instead of making jewellery I would get her a jewellery box.

I had an old wooden cutlery box from my Grandma who had used it to store some of her unsorted crystals and semi-precious gems. The wood was quite dull and marked but I could see it would be beautiful all polished up. It would have a sentimental value too - it was perfect!

The outside had black marks and scratches and inside the paper and felt was torn and dirty from the rocks it had been protecting. Looking at it - I could imagine it being the box that once held my Grandparents first cutlery set - perhaps a wedding gift?!

I cleaned up the outside - it didn't need sanding after all. Then I striped the inside of paper, fabric, and nails, cleaned and sanded off the old hardened glue and prepared it for a new felt lining. After lining it carefully I polished the outside until it gleamed. It took hours of work but the results were so worth it!

The box is beautiful and my sister really appreciated the effort and sentimental value of her gift.


by Nancy Ellen Crossland 11/09/2009

Memories of a lifetime
Within the jewelry box,
Hundreds of times opened
And closed
Secured with a tiny key
To lock,

The treasured ring
A topaz, golden
Given on Confirmation day so lovingly,
Dearest godmother
A part of my heart taken
When Our Lord called you away,

Though your laugher and smile
Has been gone for a while
Lingering moments remain;
Every time I gaze upon 
And slip it on my finger
This beautiful gift you gave,

Pearls and diamonds,
Birthdays, anniversaries
earrings and pendants
Within the slots placed,
Memories of loved ones
Eyes filled with anticipation 
Waiting for the expression
On my face,

Bracelets of silver,
rainbow speckles of turquoise,
purple and blue
Fill my heart with happiness 
through and through,
Treasures far beyond objects
Secured with a key,
Surround me with affection and love
Of a lifetime do I see.


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