Sarah & Daniel's Wedding - April 2012

Daniel & Sarah

My best friend got married 2012 and I had the honour of not only being her bridesmaid but making her jewellery! I was so excited!

The colour scheme was turquoise but we decided to go with these gorgeous sparkly crystals from Swarovski. They are slightly coloured silver so they have a classy vintage feel which really worked well with the sterling silver and pearls. I had to be particularly careful with the necklace to make sure I used very small silver parts that wouldn't touch Sarah's neck as she has a slight allergy to silver but was able to use some larger silver beads on her bracelet.

Crystal necklace

Crystal bracelet

I also made Sarah a choice of dangly crystal earrings or pearl studs - when she put them all on with her hair decorations the dangly earrings looked far too much so we opted for the studs which looked perfect.

Beautiful bride!

And did I forget to mention that us older bridesmaids also got some lovely crystal jewellery :-) I used smaller versions of Sarah's crystals for our sets which finished off our outfits beautifully. We both wore the same style dress in different colours (Anna was the maid of honour) and the younger bridesmaids wore little dresses matching the colours of mine.

Bridal party

Our bridesmaid & maid of honour crystal jewellery

Congratulations Sarah & Daniel - thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!


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