Bracelet sweat shop

Get making!

Planning out the bracelets, thinking about colour and pattern

Ta da, finished master pieces - beautiful bracelets ladies! Well done.

Last week I led a jewellery making class / workshop at church for our women's group, Relief Society (and my Grandpa came along if any of you are wondering who that is at the back :-). 

We had a really good time together and started by looking at colour theory and how to put different shades or complimentary colours together. Then after choosing their colours we looked at a few examples of my past bracelets and some pictures I had from the internet of different patterns you could make with the beads. We took some time arranging and rearranging our designs out before stringing them. Then came the stringing, some of us found it challenging with beads with small holes :-) but we all got there in the end. Then we finished off the ends with a clasp and crimps. 

The ladies made some lovely bracelets and were all pleased with their creations, especially as they were "proper bracelets" with a silver plated clasp and not just elasticated or cord ones. Fun was had by all, there is something about lots of bowls of brightly coloured beads that make any evening exciting! Well, I think so anyway.

Natasha x

Natasha Fraser Handcrafted Jewellery


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