Clasp Conversion and Earring Intervention - small alterations that make a big difference

A good client of mine brought me some pieces that she wanted altered. The clasp on the bracelet was a little too small for her to do up herself and needed changing. And the earrings were a little too heavy for the pin and butterfly back fittings and kept coming undone and falling out.

So this is what I did with them...

Firstly I changed the bracelet clasp to my favourite beaten toggle clasp which sparkled nicely along with the crystal shamballa beads but this lengthened the bracelet considerably so I restrung it taking out two pearls. The bracelet was a perfect fit after that (I had my client try it on to check before crimping). And I made up some matching little earrings with the two left over pearl... waste not want not!

With the earrings, I took the fittings and large connector rings off and put on some sterling silver lever arch back fittings instead, they are very secure and won't slip out of the ear so Lee won't have to worry about losing them. Also they are more dainty and have lightened the weight of the earring so should be more comfortable too. Plus the actual pretty ear fittings from the top are now free to be worn as small sparkly earrings, so bonus two pairs of earrings from one - I didn't think to photograph them separately though. 

And who doesn't love a good before and after photo collages?

I'm very pleased with the results and so was the client. I hope she enjoys wearing them this weekend at her special event!

Natasha x

Natasha Fraser Handcrafted Jewellery 


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