Two Rings to Rule Them All - James and Mathilde

I am so excited! My brother got married back in August this year and I made the wedding rings!

I was really honoured when James and Mathilde asked me to make their rings and I had a million questions to ask: size, material, shape, thickness... etc. But once that was all sorted I got on and ordered the materials and started to make them. 

I worked really hard to make sure they were perfectly fabricated and polished and then got them engraved at the jewelers with a special message James had chosen. They turned out really well and I was so pleased to hand them over. 

They make a perfect couple and the wedding was lovely. I was also a bridesmaid sat at the front of the church so I got to see their faces close up as they exchanged rings and vows and was so excited to see them put on the rings for the first time. It was a very special moment.

The rest of the wedding was pretty magical too. Here are a few photos:

The happy couple Mathilde and James

My brother James showing off his ring bling

The flowers

Wedding selfie

Brothers and sisters... yep, there are a lot of us!
9 Comptons and 6 of us Kleins (that's me on the far right)

James' ring and groomsmen

Mathilde's ring and bridesmaids

The finished rings


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