Road Trip... to Gemstone Heaven

The other week I went on a road trip with my parents who took me to Weymouth for a visit because they found a gemstone shop they knew I would love during the summer... they were right! It had plenty of beautiful brightly coloured gemstone beads. My favourite section was the turquoise section of course but there was lots of choice... dyed turquoises, agates, jaspers, lapis, quartz, coral, and amethyst are just a few. I was in stone Heaven. 

It was hard not to buy everything :-) but Mum and I managed to choose some really lovely stones to start playing with. It was a great trip, can't wait to do it again sometime soon. 

Fossil beach shop
My favourite bead section
Orange and coral

Perfect purple

Love love love turquoise

My new beads

Portland Bill

Afterwards we headed on to see Portland Bill lighthouse... yes the lighthouse the children's programe was inspired by:


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