Ring a Ring of Turquoise

I'm happy to say that I am keeping up my stone setting! It is a methodical process and takes me all day at the moment because I want to get everything perfect. Still, I am happy with the results I am getting. 

My best piece so far is this ring with an 8mm turquoise stone that I made my sister for her 18th birthday. It has that lovely beaten texture round the ring that catches the light and sparkles.

Turquoise ring

Two rings made up and beaten to texture

2 Rings made, 2 settings made,
2 stones to be set

Checking the stone fits the cup & seeing
how much height to file down

Cup filed to size and flat section filed on
ring. Testing they sit nicely together
and are level

Both parts soldered together

And into the pickle solution to clean up

Stone set and burnished nicely

A lovely finished gift

Beaten ring with turquoise stone

And what better stone for her to choose than turquoise? My favourite! 

I hope to one day have these on the website but I think that will be when I have more working days to devote to making jewellery. Beaten silver bands coming soon though! Watch this space and get your ring size ready! 

Natasha x

Natasha Fraser Handcrafted Jewellery


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