New Spring Collection and Craft Event this Saturday!

After a few false starts and some early summer weather, it finally feels like Spring is here!

I had just finished preparing the photos and pricing for my new spring collection when a bead order arrived and I had to make the pretty pastel beads up into something!

Gorgeous new beads!!!! My precious.

So, I am launching the first part of the collection with more lovely new pieces coming soon. Here are a few photos...

Mint earrings - lovely amazonite and freshwater pearls

Lilac earrings - pretty lilac amethyst with pearls

Jade and turquoise necklace - the jade is slightly more muted
than this but gorgeous

Lots of lovely soft colours this season, let me know if there is anything you would like to see.

And also this Saturday I will be at the Marlands Shopping Centre with a stall at the Bert and Gerts market so come along and see me in person for a great event with lots of art, craft, and vintage stalls.

Find the full range range here.



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