New Autumn Collection

Happy Autumn!

I am pleased to present my new collection of designs using colours that will hopefully warm your souls as the weather becomes cooler!

Glowing Ember Bracelet 

I have chosen to use warm colours that are reflected in the changing leaves and landscape. I love this time of year for the beautiful and vibrant colours.

Tuscan Olive Earrings

Tuscan Olive Bracelet

I particularly wanted to make a piece using amber after reading the Lithuanian story/myth of where amber comes from...

… Jurate, a mermaid, and daughter of the thunder god lived in an amber palace at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Her father was angered after she married a mortal fisherman and killed him with a thunder bolt. The palace was destroyed and pieces of amber float up to the surface and wash up onto the Baltic shore from time to time. Small teardrop shapes are said to be her tears as she weeps for her lost love.

I have tried to use most of the colours amber comes in and have used tiger eye and crystals with the amber  pieces.

Amber Tears Bracelet

Amber Tears Earrings & Necklace

To view the full collection please visit: 

I hope you like these new pieces. Happy browsing and don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason.

Best wishes 



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