August Commissions

This summer has been pretty busy so I am sorry I haven't blogged much. But I managed to get a lot of jewellery work done. Here are some of the commission pieces I made during August; a nice selection of colours for the summer.

Pink crazy lace agate

Lapis lazuli
These first two bracelets were made for a relative of mine who loves to match her jewellery and outfits. She loved them - especially the pink - bright pink gemstones are pretty rare to come by which is a shame as they are always so popular.

Pink turquoise (dyed)
Another pink! See, I told you it was popular. This was for a special 50th birthday present from my client to her friend. I used a lot of bali spacers beads and caps to give it a really shiny and luxurious feel.

This lovely peridot set was also for a 50th birthday present from the same client but different friend. Peridot is the birthstone for August too so it was especially meaningful as well as gorgeous (I am complimenting the stones not myself :-)

Purple jasper
This purple jasper bracelet was a leaving gift from a client. She loved it and said it would be her talisman to carry her into her new job and life.

Picasso jasper (I picked the most completely black from the string)
These earrings were commissioned by my client for herself. She wanted something black to go with everything; that were smart enough to dress up but casual enough to dress down and wear everyday if she wanted to. I think they fit the brief perfectly.

Stay tuned for more blogs coming up.

And make sure you contact me if you need any jewellery made.


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