Nan's Treasure Trove

It was my Nan who first sparked my interest in gemstones and when she passed away a few years ago I inherited her collection of small gemstones. There were plenty large crystals that were shared amongst all the cousins but I got the boxes of little ones that she had lovingly labelled and sorted into categories.

The Treasure Trove - only some of it!!!

I have been wanting to do something with them - either display them with her handwritten slips of paper or make some jewellery with them. I was unable to get them drilled - there are too many; so instead I am going to learn how to wire wrap some of them. Here is my first attempt:

Green Adventurine Wire Wrap Pendant
Not bad at all - in fact I don't normally wear necklaces but I can see myself wearing this quite often. I am really pleased - it looks very neat. Although the back is a big fail!

Oh dear - what happened here!
 But for a first attempt I think it is pretty good. No one will see the back and I have plenty more stones to practice on - anything worth doing is worth the effort spent in practicing and I like to see a job well done so I will practice until I can get them perfect!

Let me know what you think...


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