What Can I do With Two Old Green Glass Elasticated Bracelets?

A customer came to me with two elasticated bracelets. She had bought them on holiday but felt they weren't very exciting and asked if I could do something with them. I first remade them into two bracelets like this:

She was thrilled with these new sparkly designs. But because I had added Swarovski crystals and sterling silver bali beads; there were plenty beads left over. So we decided to go for earrings and a necklace too!

So from just two bracelets - I managed to create a whole set and an extra bracelet. The photos don't do the jewellery much justice - the crystals are really sparkly and elegant looking.

So if you have any old / tired jewellery lying around that could do with sprucing up - just give me a call or  email.

Perhaps I should take on a super hero bead themed name - and have a big necklace shaped signal that people can shine up into the sky (like Batman) when they need me to save their beads.


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