TE Art Festival! 23rd May 2014

I can hardly believe the Art Festival has come and gone and was two weeks ago! There was such a lot of work to do before hand and now it has passed. 

We had such fantastic weather (although a little windy for the poor stalls) and lots of visitors. There were a lot of wonderful locally created arts and crafts to peruse and buy from out on the field, and some excellent performances and workshops taking place in the Art Centre. In the centre of the field we had performances from a local children's choir, Juggling Jake, Destiny's Flyers cheer-leading group, and an African percussion band. And let's not forget the lovely Alpaca's from Petlake who were in a little pen and very popular. So cute!

We started the day just after 9am, I was impressed all the organisers knew my name but it turns out it was because I was the last to arrive :-( oh well. Everyone else must have been super early as we were pretty much on time. We had 2 hours to set up which is very generous so we took our time. The gazebo was very quick and easy to put up, this is my first outdoor event where I had to bring my own equipment. 

We soon found that the wind was quite strong when Sarah Brain's framed paintings in the next door stall blew off her display. Just as I was feeling glad my jewellery frames are a lot heavier one flew onto the floor. So we stacked our lunch bags behind them for strength and made sure all the price cards and signs were blue tacked to the table. That did the trick nicely. We had to keep holding onto the gazebo though until a kind gentleman on the other side lent us some tent pegs... oops, add that to the packing list for next time!

It was lovely to see those of you who popped along for a visit, it is always exciting seeing familiar faces at events. My Mum was helping for most of the day and my sister-in-law helped at the end of the day. In between I had some family visitors as well including my Grandpa who you can see behind me in a couple of the photos, my brother and sister-in-law down from London, and my sister visiting from Cardiff. Lovely to see them all. 

All the stall holders and visitors I spoke to enjoyed the day and we couldn't have had better weather (maybe a little less wind but plenty of sunshine). 

Hope to see you at next May for another fantastic festival of art in Totton.

Natasha x

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