5 Days of Earrings... make workdays more exciting!

Last week was particularly stressful at work so I decided to treat myself and make some new earrings to wear this week... one for every day of the week. Yes, some people have socks with the days of the week named on them... I have earrings.

I normally wear my favourite turquoise earrings (about 3 pairs) all the time so it will be a nice change.

Today I am wearing the green peridot ones encased in a beaten silver rectangle. They are 5.5cm long including the hook so quite short and dainty; and very light in my ears.

Think I'll wear the navy ones tomorrow with a navy top and turquoise cardigan. The side drilled pearls are so lustrous I can't wait to put them on!

Let me know what you think or if you want a pair... I'll be photographing them properly and adding them to the website soon.


Natasha Fraser Handcrafted Jewellery


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