Autumn Fair, New Milton

This fair was on 11th October 2014. My first time at a New Milton Crafts event.

Exhibiting at craft fairs is not just about trying to sell jewellery, it's about meeting new customers, event organisers, and also other artists, crafters, and makers. When you create at home on your own it's good to get out with like minded people and show off your passion for making things. I met a lot of lovely people at the Autumn fair with beautiful stalls and products. I am quite a shy person so selling myself or my jewellery does not come naturally to me but once I get into it I really enjoy it.

My display style has evolved over time and I am constantly tweaking the layout and props. I'm really proud of the layout now. I think it is neat, elegant, and shows off the colours really well. And one of the main factors I considered when deciding on what I would use is that it is all compact enough that I can carry it all in just two bags if I am on my own. 

Luckily this time I had a helper...

My stall and special helper - my Mum

My new beautiful briolettes

Some of the bright colours available

And now to meet some of the other stall holders and very talented people:

Gorgeous hand-knitted hats
The lady on the next stall was selling some really beautiful knitwear... I have a teal sequined hat coming for Christmas now :-)

Laymar Crafts Woodturning

Laymar Crafts Woodturning... I love the gorgeous warm wood ornamental vases with contrasting tops and cut out holes, they are really beautiful.

Laymar Crafts Woodturning - Wooden vases

Twinkling Hearts

Twinkling Hearts handmade jewellery... Thea Hamlin uses lots of sparkly... well twinkling... Swarovski crystals to make her lovely colourful dainty jewellery, we are dainty jewellery kindred spirits :-) I love her display too.  

Twinkling Hearts - crystal hear earrings

Maureen Alma Booth

This is the lovely Maureen Alma Booth, my other stall neighbout with her hand painted vases, frames, and mini canvases. She paints really pretty flower designs and seascapes - everyone loves poppies. I also love that her daughter and granddaughter were there to support her, a family enterprise :-)

Painted vases and mirror frames

Lighthouse canvas

Chris Button Photography

Chris Button Photography... prints and tuition. Chris has a wonderful eye for a photo and has captured some truly beautiful scenes. He is also available to take you out and help you take your own photos. 

Chris Button Photography

Chris Button Photography

Chris Button Photography

Bee Stitched

This is Debbie MacLeod of Bee Stitched... she makes beautifully hand sewn items including quilts, bags, and decorations. I particularly loved her vintage style wash bags, such pretty fabric and detailed finishing touches. 

Bee Stitched lovely Parisian bags

The New Milton Autumn fair was a great success overall. I look forward to coming back for future fairs and meeting all these lovely people again.

In fact, I have booked the Artisan's market in November at the same venue :-) If you fancy coming along the upcoming dates are below:

November 2014

See you soon!



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