I am the music man... I play the clarinet...

I am am the music man,
I come from down your way
And I can play. What can you play?
I play the clarinet.

Recently I was asked by two different clients to make something special which included a silver clarinet charm for two lovely ladies who both play the clarinet. Both pieces turned out very differently although the starting point was the same:

Rheanna charm brooch

Rheanna's kilt pin brooch was a birthday present and needed to match a particular scarf so I pulled out the main two colours and mixed them with pearls, quartz, and silver. The colours really worked well together and feel very spring like. The beaten silver circle charm has the number "21" stamped into the back as it was a 21st birthday gift but I wanted that to remain a secret message rather than be on display for everyone to see. I couldn't resist adding a little red bird, he just fits in so well and then some coral berries next to the clarinet to balance the colours out. Over all I think it works well and Rheanna was  very pleased with her gift as was her Mum Helen, who commissioned it.

Clarinet charm earrings

My brief for these earrings was: clarinet, neutral colours, elegant, and dainty. I decided pearls and a few crystals were perfect accompaniment for the clarinets. I had to keep it a fairly simple design so the clarinets did not get lost in the earrings but were the main focal feature. The little clusters hang really nicely and again my client Phil was really please with the result and excited to give them to his wife as a special personalised gift.

I really enjoy making personal commissions, a gift is some much more special if it has been designs specifically for someone.

If you have any  thoughts on a commission piece let me know! Bespoke Design 

Watch this space for more posts and photos :-)




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