Commissions 3 2012

Hello Everyone!

I am enjoying getting on with new designs for my new spring collection using more pastel type colours - I have so many ideas I know I won't have time to get them all done so I will have to be selective! 

I have also had a good clear out of some of my bead boxes to donate little packs of beads to charity - but I missed the posting deadline on account of the snow we had a few weeks ago. Still, it has been really good to make some more space for the beads I will use and the ones that I just haven't used are all ready for the next bead drive - hopefully someone else will feel inspired by them and create something beautiful. 

I have also had a look through my photos and pulled out a lot more from commissions I did last year. Here they are...

Lapis lazuli and crystal charm necklace and buddleia earrings

Jade stud earrings

Lapis lazuli stud earrings

Teal pearl and crystal necklace

Aragonite earrings

Citrine dew earrings

Citrine dew pendant
Coin pearl earrings

Coin pearl, crystal, and silver bracelet

Natural agate and turquoise bracelet 


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