The Joys of Spring

Here are a few photos of pieces I made in the spring time. I have not been very good at keeping up to date with my photo downloading or blogging - sorry!

Aqua bracelet with dangle charms
For this bracelet I used larger beads than I normally would so it was a little more chunky but still dainty. My client knew she wanted turquoise and greeny colours for her friend's birthday but let me create something new and exciting for her. The beaten toggle clasp and charms just add that extra touch to make it look really special. I'm really pleased with this.

With all my heart pendant
 I made this cute heart pendant for my Mum for Mother's Day. I cut the heart out by hand with a piercing saw, filed, cleaned it up, and polished it. Then I stamped in the little decorative marks and oxidised the silver with liver of sulphate. Then I had to repolish it being careful to leave the markings darkened.

Tootie fruitie pendant
I loved making this piece because of all the fantastic colours. It took a while to figure out a pattern that made the colours look really good together but also appear slightly random when in fact it is not at all random. The colours were my inspiration and I just kept going until the pendant looked balanced in size and shape - so it is quite a bit longer than I would normally do a pendant but it works. I created it as a leaving present for a friend, Helen, at work and everyone chipped in for the parts.

Tootie fruitie beads - I love colour!

Helen's original bracelet that I made a few years ago
The colours come from a bracelet I made for Helen a few years ago - she loved that it was so multi coloured because it was bright and happy and can be worn with nearly anything. I agree!

Stay tuned for more pieces and photos...



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