Summer is here... the jewellery collection not the weather!

So finally we have had a few nice days bright enough for me to take photos of my new summery jewellery collection and now we are back to rain! Oh dear. Well hopefully the bright colourful mixes of beads will warm your soul and make you feel a little more summery inside despite the weather!

I introduce to you some of the new summer collection; my inspiration has been colour, jewels, summer holidays, and happiness :-) I have posted a few photos for you to see and there is a link at the bottom of the blog to the webpage where you can see the full collection. Enjoy browsing...

Jewel Bracelet

Jewel Cascade Pendant
These two are inspired by those rich jewel colours - I just mixed all the beads and started moving them around to see how best to put them together. I love the finished product!

(Yes I couldn't resist more turquoise! I hope you can forgive me another set - but it is just such a fantastic colour - that suits nearly everyone.)

Fiesta Crystal Earrings
These are very happy earrings - they include some more warm and citrus colours mixed in for a really warm and summery feel.

Jewel Charm Earrings
 Possibly my favourite set - it is hard to choose - but I love not only the mix of jewel colours but also the different size and shape beads for a more unique look.

Fuchsia Bali Pendant
And fuchsia pink - it wouldn't be summer without it! Pink is a hard colour to track down in gemstones - I am really pleased with these agate beads!

Ocean Sunset Earrings
My other favourite :-) I had to make myself some of these - I just love them so much. These briolette gems are new from my supplier and I think they are just stunning!

I hope you have loved them so far; these new pieces and more are all available to browse or buy here on the webshop:

Let me know what you think!



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