If wishes were horses...

A good friend of mine recently asked me to make some special jewellery for his daughter Talia. She was turning three and loves horses and her cat stuffed toy. So he was hoping I could make something that incorporated both loves - especially as she was having a horse themed birthday party.
Talia and Cat

I loved the idea of making something so personal and started off looking for horse and cat beads or charms to use. This was harder than I thought but I eventually found some really lovely jasper horse beads and an elegant silver cat charm which were all perfect.

We decided on a bright red colour as it looks so lovely on Talia. I wanted the necklace to be lovely and sparkly too so I used a lot of crystals in amongst the horses.

Finished necklace

Detail shot of the gorgeous horse beads

The final touch was a little silver cat charm on the bracelet to represent Talia's favourite cat teddy.

Finished bracelet with silver cat

Talia absolutely loved her jewellery and I am glad that her Dad was so pleased with the gift he had commissioned too.

Here she is at her birthday party.

Talia at her horse themed party

And here she is modelling her new jewellery. What a cutie!

Modelling her jewellery

Talia and cat

Happy birthday Talia!


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