Pre Christmas Commissions

Yes I am a little behind in getting my photos sorted out and uploaded for you to see! :-) But here are the last commissions I designed in 2011.
Baroque pearl earrings
These are lovely little earrings for a bridesmaid to wear. My client wanted something elegant but small - she was thrilled with these and felt very special on the day.

This gold planished pendant was created for a client's daughter for her 18th birthday. He wanted something really special for her special birthday. We decided on the planished pendant design in gold but a little bigger than I usually do; with a personalised message engraved on the back.

It looked really good and he was very pleased with it but for me didn't quite seem finished. I suggested a pearl or gemstone to hang in front of the large disc but he was very happy with the look. He gave it to his daughter and she was thrilled. Coincidentally her partner had also given her a necklace - a lovely heart pendant so she slipped the heart off its chain and onto the chain for this necklace. The little heart hangs nicely in front of the pendant and finishes it off perfectly! Sometimes in life things just all slide into place naturally.

Green glass vine necklace

This lovely necklace was made to match some green vine earrings my client gave her neice last Christmas. I just put together little clusters of green glass beads and Swarovski crystals for some extra sparkle.

Purple buddliea pendant

This pendant was made to be worn to a special party. I matched the colours to my client's dress and she loved the finished result. The beads hang in a lovely cascading pattern that reminds me of buddleia flowers.

A special a little purple jasper, pearl, and crystal set for an eight year old. The necklace was for her November birthday and the bracelet for Christmas. It is for her to wear on special occasions like weddings and parties. I hope she like the bright colours I chose.

Krone coin necklace
This client wanted something a bit different. He had a pretty Danish krone coin from his travels which already had a hole through the middle and wanted it made into a necklace. We chose to stick with the silver colour theme so I added sterling silver beads, and findings, and then clear Swarovski crystals. The finished pieces looks really pretty.

Stay tuned for next years / months new commissions. And feel free to contact me with any designs or thoughts you may want to turn into jewellery.


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