Light as a feather

I was recently contacted by a client who was looking for long dangly earrings that are light to wear. I knew that most of mine are as I prefer to wear lighter earrings that I can wear all day and evening without having aching ears. I suggested she start with some freshwater pearl and crystal earrings as pearls are extremely light-weight. She loved them! In fact she loved them so much she ordered some more jewellery and wrote to tell me all about her search for beautiful looking light-weight earrings and her delight in finding my designs.


Some words from Phillippa:

“My "wow" jewellery collection, as I like to call it, consists of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery I have ever bought.

I have very small ears which left me with the problem of not being able to wear big, heavy, sparkly jewellery because my ears felt weighed down and stretched. Choosing jewellery has always been a problem and very deflating; every young woman wants to put on a pair of dangly earrings that enlightens their face and compliments their smile, I'm also getting married and wanted to wear something which made me feel beautiful.

The search was hard but finally I came across Natasha Fraser's Handcrafted Jewellery and instantly found a design which was simple but truly elegant. I have bought a few pieces and intend to buy many more.”



I was naturally really pleased to hear from Phillippa and glad she enjoys wearing her earrings so much. It gives me pleasure to help people in this way. I also feel pleased that she knows she can ask me to make new things in specific colours for any event or occasion she may have in the future.

Thank you Phillippa for your lovely kind words.

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